What people are saying...

Michele, 28

Jordana came into my life when I needed her most. When we first met, I was unemployed, longing for a new career path, but unsure of what I wanted it to be, and feeling trapped in a miserable relationship. Essentially, I felt as though my life was spiraling out of control

Working with Jordana has turned my life around in so many ways. I’m currently employed at a job that I love, I’m out of my relationship and back in the dating scene, and feeling more empowered and energized than I have in a really long time. If anyone questions the value of working with Jordana (which you absolutely, positively shouldn’t!), please feel free call or email me. I'll be happy to talk to you about it."  

Jessica, 29
Before working with Jordana, I equated being in a relationship with anxiety and compromising everything that was important to me. I had rough ideas of what my ideal partner would be like, but Jordana helped me cut through to exactly what it is I need out of a partner, relationship and life - while maintaining my mental and physical health as the top priority. 

Simultaneously, I was overextending myself with various work-related commitments. The combination left me stressed with fear of an unhappy, repetitious cycle lasting months or years.  I felt there was no room in my life for a relationship while maintaining my very busy work life and the two coexisting seemed an impossibility.

Jordana taught me how to attract exactly what I want and need from a partner and several weeks into our work together I began dating someone who brings nearly all aspects of the ideal relationship specific to me. I am not a compulsive dater, so meeting someone so soon when I wasn't actively looking, I know for a fact that I attracted this person into my life as a result of getting extremely quiet and clear on what I want in a partner and relationship. No matter the future, Jordana has provided me with tools I can apply to all aspects of my life that are lacking.

In addition, my progress with Jordana has exceeded far past initial concerns of stress, anxiety and lack of sleep. Through intense conversation, I was able to hear additional needs coming from within and have experienced physical benefits as well. As a longtime gymrat, I had been stuck in my routine and not achieving the results I wanted. 

Inspired to further explore the needs of my mind and body, I starting running and have finally broken through the physical plateau I had been experiencing for years and discovered new ways to manage anxiety. I have resolved that there is no degree of external anxiety that is worth compromising my own physical health and therefore made that the top priority over all other areas of life and I have never been happier.

To contact Jess, please visit www.jessrothschild.com or follow her on twitter: www.twitter.com/jessxnyc 

Miriam, 24
"Before meeting with Jordana, I wasn't self-aware, I struggled to communicate well with people, and I felt lost and alone a lot of the time. Working with her has absolutely changed my life. Every time we speak, I'm left feeling empowered, anchored and confident. Give Jordana 10 minutes and she'll transform the way you think about yourself. If you feel like you're not your biggest fan and that it's really getting in the way of your success (which I'm sure it is), then working with Jordana is your answer. She makes all of the things that feel complicated and confusing in your life so wonderfully simple; essentially, she untangles all of the knots in your life. I will be forever grateful - and forever changed."

Natalie, 30
Before working with Jordana, I wasn't taking necessary action to create more abundance in my life. Jordana gave me the tools to actively rather than passively peruse what I wanted and needed in aspects of my life that I felt needed fixing. She asks the important questions I wouldn't even think to ask myself to get to the root of where my issue lies. She's also so great at helping me work through the issue to attain clarity. After only 4 sessions of working with Jordana as a life coach,  I felt more open and honest with myself which has ultimately created more happiness in my day-to-day life. I wholeheartedly reccomend Jordana and I'm so glad she's in my life!

To contact Natalie, please visit www.natalierado.com

Rachel, 27
Before speaking with Jordana, I knew what my immediate goals were but lacked a clear plan and focus. I was being hindered by my fear of failure and wasn't willing to truly open myself up the opportunity of succeeding in my career change. In each of our conversations Jordana was not only full of enthusiasm and support for the steps I was taking, but also allowed me build that same enthusiasm within myself. She often pushed me (but not too hard) to think about what was holding me back and what concrete actions I could take to build momentum. Her advice, knowledge of outside resources, and honesty enabled me to open up more than I ever though I would and make a real mental shift (which for me was more important than anything else). While we only worked together for a few weeks I know that when I am ready to make even more life changes she will be on my speed dial.